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Total Makeover

This module covers comprehensive image consulting and answers the majority of questions about forming a new image.

Consultation combines two modules, Style Makeover and Face Makeover.

  • Preliminary consulting
  • Color analysis
  • Eyebrow correction
  • Make-up lesson
  • Finding the right hairstyle*
  • Analyzing your body shape
  • Correcting your body shape with clothes
  • Identify your style personality
  • Choosing accessories
  • Wardrobe assessment
  • Personal shopping (2 hrs)

Included: Relooking portfolio
Personal color palette
Hair stylist services included*



Style Makeover

This module includes the following steps: analyzing the constitution and determining the body type, determining the features of the body shape, methods of visually correcting the figure with clothes. Tips for choosing the shape and proportions of an outfit, selecting lengths, fabrics, and print patterns. Updating a wardrobe based on the body type and style solutions, as well as tips for creating a color palette of shades when updating the wardrobe. Situation-based wardrobe. Selecting accessories, such as watches and jewelry, shape of lapels, collars and cuffs, shoes and bags, types of tie knots.

  • Preliminary consulting
  • Color analysis
  • Analyzing your body shape
  • Learn which fabrics and textures flatter your body shape
  • Identify your style personality
  • Selecting accessories
  • Wardrobe assessment
  • Personal shopping 2 hours
Included: Relooking portfolio
Personal color palette



Face Makeover

This module involves working on visual correction of the shape and features of the face.
Consultation includes several stages, from determining the shape of the face to tips on how to choose the hairstyle and hair color. Additionally, it is extremely important to choose the right accessories when working on creating a personal style. To find the right image, we need to consider many factors, such as the size, shape and price range for jewelry, the neckline and collar type, colors, fitting the general body form and other nuances. Remember that accessories speak volumes of your mood and inner world, more so than the clothes.

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Color analysis
  • Assess your face shape
  • Eyebrow correction
  • Make-up lesson
  • Hairstyle*
  • Selecting accessories, spectacles
Included: Relooking portfolio
Personal color palette
Hairstylist services included*


Makeover Flush

  • Preliminary consulting
  • Color analysis
  • Analyzing your body shape
  • Choosing the close and accessories between the collectction of agency
  • Make-up
  • Hairstyle
  • Photo shoot

Included : Photo portfolio



Wedding Makeover

We will help you make this day really memorable and magical. You will not have to worry about anything—the Dress Code Paris team will take care of creating the entire wedding image of the bride and the groom. We are offering the services of a stylist, makeup artist, photographer and cameraman. We can also organize the whole wedding ceremony and the reception. Dress Code Paris offers two modules for creating the bride/groom image: Bridal Makeover and Total look Just Married.

Bridal Makeover

  • Preliminary consultation to help us understand your tastes and wishes.
  • Determining the color type, which is necessary to choose the right dress and accessories. Choosing the wedding hairstyle and hair color (if needed).
  • Analyzing the body shape, visual correction.
  • Choosing the style of the outfit and accessories for the bride according to the body proportions and the groom’s look.
  • Accompanied shopping for the wedding outfit (dress, accessories, underwear).
  • Trying out the hairstyle and makeup for the bride.
  • Wedding day: hairstyle and makeup

Total look Just Married includes selecting and implementing the images for the groom and the bride.

Bridal Makeover
Total look Just Married
Wedding make-up


Photo Shoot

What is the best way to keep the memories of the unforgettable days you spent in Paris?

Having a photo shoot with a professional photographer! In our studio or against the background of the Parisian scenery, the Dress Code Paris team (stylist, makeup artist and photographer) will help you create unique stylish images.

We can also shoot a short film and take care of all the necessary permits for France.

You will get a book with all the photos
and 5 retouched photos for free.


Professional Make-up

Make-up is more than just making a pretty face — it is one of the essential elements of feminine beauty. If you wish to bring out your natural beauty and individuality and discover the wonderful and diverse world of make-up, Dress Code Paris will help you.

Our company offers evening, daytime, wedding and artistic makeup.

In the course of a group or individual makeup lesson, you will learn new techniques, which you can use every day, as well as for special occasions, such as a wedding, theme party or a photo shoot.

Evening make-up
Artistic make-up
Wedding make-up
Individual make-up lesson (3 hrs)


Workshops and seminars

Any bachelorette or birthday party or even a regular get-together with friends will be more fun with our theme ateliers.
For those who are looking to:

  • Have an unforgettable experience with friends
  • Learn to select outfits based on the body type
  • Find their style in clothes
  • Learn how to best organize your wardrobe
  • Be aware of the latest fashion trends
  • Learn to change your image with accessories
  • Master makeup techniques

And if you are looking for a more educational experience, our seminars and trainings are perfect for you.

In addition to basic programs, we can tailor our programs to your needs.


Some topics for workshops and seminars:

Training seminars:

  • Relooking, In Search Of New Style
  • Professional Personal Shopper



  • Makeup Magic
  • Stylish Lady
  • All About the Wardrobe
  • Accessories
  • Men Only
  • French Charm
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