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Personnal Shopping


There’s Nothing Too Small About Style, It’s All In Details.
Image may be best seen as the outer expression, but it shows our preferences in fashion and style and, in that way, also reflects our inner world


Personal shoppers help you save time and find your true style in clothing.

They will be your fashion guide for the entire duration of your stay in Paris.

A real professional will “guide your ship” in the boundless “sea” of brands and names. They will work out the ideal shopping route based on the initial interview and, if you cannot be there in person, they can shop for you and deliver your purchases at the address you provide.

They will consult you on creating your wardrobe and, once and for all, solve the problem of “I’ve got nothing to wear,” by creating outfits for particular occasions and everyday wear.

True fashionistas will get a chance to visit fashion show by renowned couturiers and new designers.

Your personal shopper works with shop owners and directly with showrooms, always staying aware of all the latest trends and new styles.

You have already discovered all that Paris has to offer and are now looking to expand your horizons? Our experts will be happy to accompany you to London, Milan, Barcelona and Tokyo.

When you choose us, you can always count on special service and extreme attention to your needs.

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