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There’s Nothing Too Small About Style, It’s All In Details.
Image may be best seen as the outer expression, but it shows our preferences in fashion and style and, in that way, also reflects our inner world


Corporate Services

An attractive successful personality projects the image of success on to the company.

Any effective manager, be it a CEO, a successful businessman or a high-ranking government official, understands that every details in his image—the way he walks, his firm voice, his haircut and the color of his tie—counts in the business world.

The look of the company’s managers and employees has a direct impact on creating a positive image of the company, increases the level of trust from partners and clients, and guarantees success on the job market. The right image, which is the perfect combination of the inner abilities of the leader and the projected expectations, is the first step on the path to success both for the manager and the company.


Dress Code Paris offers a wide range of training and consulting programs tailored specifically to the expectations and goals of the organization and aimed at solving communication goals in the social and professional environment.

Our seminars cover the following aspects:

  • identity and values of the organization
  • optimizing the outer image of the employees
  • how the company is perceived by the client and employees
  • the importance of “first impressions”
  • an individual and the organization: levels of interaction
  • elements of basic wardrobe
  • codes and taboos of a company: dress code, position and professional sector


  • intercultural communication
  • insight into the Western culture
  • etiquette and savoir vivre French style

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